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White paper on public service

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  • Last updated:2023-06-14
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A. Preface

Government employees are “servants” for the public; therefore, with this severing spirit, we provide convenient and efficient services for people since the center was founded. We also expect criticisms and suggestions form the public and will improve our service with the opinions and feedbacks from people.

B. What do we do for inmates?

Our main goal is to efficiently combined sources such as medical treatment, social work and psychological guidance to rehabilitate inmates and help them to be free of drugs. All the works such as rehabilitation, psychological guidance, hygienic work, skill training, progressive penalty and parole are to help inmates to get rid of drugs through “professional medical treatment.” We operate the rehabilitation work with the concept of “educate” instead of “punishing,” and hoping that every inmate can find his/her way back to a normal life.

 C.Services for people

1.Content of reception services for the family:

a. Reception services.

b. Items and food delivering service.

c. Money delivering service.

d. Information counter and phone call inquiry service.

e. Volunteer workers in the reception room provide inquiry service, and will help illiterate people

with application forms and disabled people with all application.

f. Phone call registration for reception service.

2.Application for certificates:

a. Application for center or prison certificates.

b. Certificate of inmate’s authorization letter to the family

3.Returning inmate’s possessions to the family.

4.Medicine delivering service.

5.Application for special reception.

6.Application for remote reception.

7.Activities and conferences for the family.

8.Hold visiting activities or phone call receptions for inmates and families on special occasions, such as

Chinese New Year’s holidays, Mother’s Day or Moon Festival…etc.

9.If needed, the center provides copy and fax service.

 D. Facilitations

1.No charge for parking for family or people coming for business.

2.Provide wheelchair ramps, disabled parking spaces and toilets for disabled.

3.Numbering machine in the reception room; people can take a number card instead

 of waiting in line. The monitor screen in the reception room is for the promotion

 of reception regulations.

4.Comfortable chair, toilet, water fountain and magazines for visitors.

5.Shelves in the toilets for users to place items.

6.Bilingual (Chinese and English) signs in the reception room.

7.Information counters in the administration building and reception room for application and

reception inquiry. Volunteer service counter in the reception room for reception works.

8.All service staff is required to wear badges; be friendly to applicants and efficient at work.

9.Service manner is required for all staff. The director, secretary and section chiefs of the

center will inspect the service staff randomly and give phone call manner tests. The result

of inspections and tests will be counted in year-end work summary.

 E. Future endeavors

1. Promote the spirit of serving public to staff members and make them be more friendly

and enthusiastic at work.

2. Enhance professional competencies of service staff. Service staff should be familiar with all related

regulations of the business.

3. Quicken the time of handling public petition cases. Solve public’s problems and make people understand

the operation and management of the center.

4. Strength the functions of Guard and Information counter in the reception room in order to provide rapid

and proper service for the public.

5. Establish good relationship and interaction with the community.

6. Improve working environment and facilities of service place in order to provide a more convenient and

comfortable surrounding for the public.

 F. Service hours

1.General administration

Monday to Friday

8:00 AM  12:00 AM ; 1:30 PM 5:30 PM

 2. Registration for reception

a. Monday to Friday:

8:30 AM  11:00 AM ; 1:30 PM 4:00 PM

b. Same time schedule for every first Sunday of each month. 

c. See announcement for receptions on holidays.

 G. Feedback

If you have any suggestions for our service, please tell us. We will take your opinion seriously and

improve our service.

Address: No.5, Cheng Deh Hsin Tsuen, Yanchao, Kaohsiung City

Reception room: 07-6154059 Ext.508, 509

Director’s e-mail: ksbs@mail.moj.gov.tw

Inquiry line: 07-6154105   07-6154104


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