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Steps for Application for Online Visit

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  • Last updated:2023-06-14
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1.Legal Basis

These steps for application for visit are formulated based on the provisions of Article 73 of the Law of Execution in Prison, Article 63 of the Detention Act, Regulations for Conducting Visits via Communication Devices in Prisons and Detention Centers, and Key Points for Implementation of Appointment of Visit Approved by Correction Organizations Affiliated to Agency of Corrections, MOJ.

2.The Applicant

  1.     Family Members or Closest Kins

Family members: People who live in the same household with the inmate for the purpose of living together permanently (cohabitants shall present proof of cohabitation).

Closest Kins: The inmate’s spouse, lineal relatives (such as (great) grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, etc.), collateral blood relatives within the third degree of kinship (such as uncles, aunts, nieces, and nephews), affinity within the second degree of kinship (parents-in-law, step-parents, spouses of siblings, siblings of spouse (including their spouses), and spouses of children and grandchildren).

For the inmates of the Center, it refers to:

(1) Inmates serving prison sentence: Family members and close kinship are included.

(2) People receiving rehabilitation (detoxification) treatment: Family members and close kinship are included.

(3) People under observation of rehabilitation: Spouses and lineal relatives are included.

(4) Juveniles under observation for purpose of rehabilitation: Spouses and lineal relatives are included.

(5) Juvenile inmates: Family members and close kinship are included.

2.    Lawyers or Attorneys.

3.    Any person not included in the preceding two Subparagraphs under any or all of the following circumstances and is unable to go to the correction organization to conduct the visit but requires to make contact urgently:

(1) Of age reaching or over 65 years old or under 12 years old.

(2) Being suspected to suffer from or suffering from any disease specified in the Communicable Disease Control Act.

(3) Suffering from any major injuries or diseases stipulated in the Regulations Governing the Exemption of the National Health Insurance Beneficiaries from the Co-Payment.

(4) Being physically- or mentally-challenged.

(5) Personal damages or personal property damaged as a result of disasters stipulated by the Disaster Prevention and Protection Act.

(6) The inmate’s family members or close kinship are dead or facing life-threatening situations.

(7) Diplomatic and consular personnel, or persons who can represent the country or region to which the inmate belongs.

(8) Other major or specific circumstances recognized by the organization.

3. Application Procedures

  1. Use the smartphone to download the “Correction Agency Online Visit 2.0” APP from the Android and iOS App Store. After completing the registration according to the instructions of the APP, you can apply for the appointment of online visit.
  2. Visit the official site of the Agency of Corrections, MOJ (https://service.mjac.moj.gov.tw) to submit the application.

4.Application Period and Review

  1. If the application is submitted seven to two days before the visit date, the staff of the Center will accept the application until 15:00. If the deadline is a day of the weekend, a holiday, or a day off, the deadline will be extended to the working day before the original one.
  2. After 16:00 on the working day, the staff of the Center will review the application for the appointment of visit, and the system will notify the applicant of the review results by email or SMS, or the applicant may use the APP or go to the official site at “Visit Appointment” to view the review results.
  3. After the review results or relevant information are issued and there are any special circumstances making the organization determine that it is necessary to adjust or cancel such results or information, the staff of the Center will notify the applicant by phone about such a decision.
  4. For the appointment as stated in Paragraph 1, the applicant may register for the next appointment of visit only after completing the current visit with each individual inmate.

5.Number of Applications, Time of Sessions, and Restrictions

  1. Number of applications: Twice a month, which shall be included in the total number of visits with telephone equipment and remote equipment, but the number of visits shall be calculated separately from the one for general visits.
  2. Time: 9:00 to 16:30 (Monday to Friday), 10 sessions per day, and 30 minutes for each session, and may be subject to adjustment (increase or decrease) if deemed necessary by the organization.
  3. Restrictions: Not available on weekends, holidays, or days off.

6.Identity Verification:

  1. Before the beginning of the online visit, please present the ID document with a portrait photo in front of the camera to show it on the screen.
  2. After the identity has been verified by the staff of the correction organization, the visit can be commenced.

7.The correction organization may suspend the visit if any of the following situations occurs during the visit

  1. Anyone not approved attends the visit.
  2. Anyone approved to attend the visit uses communication equipment not approved for the visit, or take photos, film videos, record audio or use any other audio-visual equipment during the visit without permission.
  3. Anyone approved to attend the visit makes noises or loudly whines or destroys the premise or equipment for the visit and fails to cease to do so after being instructed.
  4. Anyone approved to attend the visit evades, obstructs, or rejects the monitoring or hearing by the organization in accordance with the regulations.
  5. The inmate or anyone who is approved to attend the visit has acts that impede the security or order of the organization.

8.Disqualification for Applying for Appointment of Visits

  1. The applicants shall log in with their real identities when making appointments for visits. In the event of any counterfeit, forgery, or altered identities, when being found and confirmed, the correction organization shall immediately disqualify the applicants concerned from applying for appointments of visits.
  2. If the applicant fails to personally or in the designated communication manner attend the visit on the appointment date and time more than three times within the most recent six-month period, the correction organization may refuse to accept the appointment of such applicant within three months from the date of the last failure to attend the visit.

9.Cancellation of Appointment of Visit

  1. Applicants who are unable to personally or in the designated communication manner attend the visit on the appointment date and time shall cancel the appointment at the APP or the official site → Online Appointment Inquiry no later than 15:00 on the day before the appointment date.
  2. If the scheduled date is a day of the weekend, a holiday, or a day off, the appointment shall be cancelled no later than the working day before the original scheduled date.


  1. For operational issues such as registration of the account, forgetting passwords, application for services, inquiry of application status, and application for appointment of visit, etc., please visit the official site of the Agency of Corrections, MOJ (https://service.mjac.moj.gov.tw) and click on the “Operation Instructions” at the bottom of the webpage to watch the instruction videos.
  2. If you do not receive email or SMS, you can access the Online Visit 2.0 APP installed on your smartphone and click on “Other User Functions” → “Check SMS/email Records”, and click on the URL of the appointment schedule, or you can copy such URL and paste it at the Google, firefox and other web browser Apps to visit the webpage.
  3. If you are disconnected during the visit, please click on the SMS or email URL to reconnect.
  4. Up to three family members can attend one visit simultaneously, but these family members shall register at the official site of the Agency of Corrections, MOJ, or the Online Visit APP and complete the online visit application review before any of the applicants may on behalf of the other applicants complete the application for appointment of visit and use one smartphone for video call.
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