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Remote Reception

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  • Last updated:2023-06-14
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Remote reception notice

1.  Prisons, Skill Training Institutions, Juvenile Reform Schools, Juvenile Correction Schools, Detention Houses or Juvenile Detention Houses which equipped with remote reception devices are open to inmates’ spouses, families, public defenders and defense attorneys for remote reception. They can register for remote receptions at local institutions which equipped with remote reception devices.

2.  Spouse, immediate family and in-laws can register for remote reception with related documents and send or fax the documents to the institution where the inmate is kept.

Inmate has to response to the remote reception once a week depends on the applications from the spouse and the family. Thirty minutes at a time. If there are some special reasons and have been approved by our agent, time is not limited in this reception.

Public defenders and defense attorneys can apply for remote reception except the regulation of Article 34 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, and the judge or district attorney can limit the reception area depending on the case. It is not regulated for No. 3 of this notice when applying for the remote reception.

 3.  Inmates will be banned from remote reception if the district attorney or judge forbids receptions or letters for the inmates; inmates’ violation of rules will also be banned from remote reception.

 4.  When applying remote reception for the first time, you should fill out the application form first (see chart 1), and send them or fax them a week before the chosen time to the institution. After being approved, the institution should call or write to the applicants and the local remote reception institutions for reception date and time.

Applicants who have been approved for the registration for remote reception to the institutions where inmates are kept can register through phone call a week prior to the chosen time.

 5.  Before the remote reception, if inmates violate rules or cannot make it to the reception, the institution should call or send notice to the applicants and cancel the reception, and also inform local remote reception institution.

 6.  Once the application of remote reception is approved, applicants should go to the remote reception institution in person depending on the time schedule and fill out the registration form (see chart 2). Applicant who does not follow the instructions for three times will be suspend from remote reception for three months from the institution which the inmate is kept.

 7.   Applicants will be denied from remote reception from the institution for the following reasons:

(1)   Applicants who do identification document.

(2)   Applicant’s behavior is abnormal.

(3)   Applicant is an alcoholic or has mental problems.

(4)   Visitor who has not registered for remote reception cannot substitute or accompany registered applicant to the reception.

 8.  When the inmate’s spouse or family member is elder, ill or disable mentioned in the first item of No. 2, local remote reception institution should assist the applicant with the application of remote reception.

 9.  While in remote reception, inmate’s institution should assign an agent to supervise; video taping and recording should also be done and report to the direct of the institution

10.  While in remote reception, rules which are not listed in this notice will be handled with reception related regulations.




Remote reception service of  Kaohsiung Drug Abuser Treatment Center, Agence of Corrections, .Ministry of Justice:

Address: No.5, Cheng Deh Hsin Tsuen, Yanchao, Kaohsiung City, 82409

Inquiry number: (07) 6154104

Fax number: ( 07 ) 6154343

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