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  • History

        According to the statistics done by the Department of Statistics, Ministry of Justice, only in 2001 and 2002 did the case number of drug abuse decrease; in other year, case number increases gradually. Drugs overflow, and as a result, drug users keep increasing. Drugs are addictive, and once people are addicted to drugs, they use more and more amount of drugs. Drug abusers spend all they have on drugs, and in order to get more money for drugs, they might commit crimes such as stealing or robbing, or even kidnap or kill for money. All these crimes causing by drugs endanger public’s safety. Following the development of industry and commerce, day by day drugs are increasingly spreading, damaging seriously to individual and family, and because of this, the society has paid highly social cost as well. In the early time, drug addicts were only punished penally. However, on May 20th, 1998, Drug Damage Prevention Act was announced and put into effect, taking drug addicts as “ill and sick criminals” instead of “criminals” and hope to assist them in getting rid of drug addiction through observation and coercing them into abstaining from drugs and forcing them to take treatments.     In 2005, the Executive Yuan pointed out that works to abstain from drugs should combine with sources like medical service, social workers and tutelage, and it asked the Department of Health to design Drug Abuser Treatment and Abstaining Package Plan, including coercive and voluntary cases, jointly with Ministry of Justice, Ministry of the Interior and Development and Evolution Commission in order to set up drug prevention report and anti-drug institution and integrate with present systems to implement every anti-drug activity. Independent Drug Abuser Treatment Center was also established to carry on drug abstaining jobs.     Aware of the dangers drugs bring to people and society, the Ministry of Justice planned to have independent drug abuser treatment centers in northern, central, southern and eastern Taiwan to show its determination against drugs. They expect to use the form of institutions to integrate the medical service, social workers and psychological guidance effectively, and help drug addict to get rid of drugs. Therefore, being ratified by the Executive Yuan, Taiwan Kaohsiung Drug Abuser Treatment Center was founded on October 1st, 2006 (this location was used to be Taiwan Kaohsiung Juvenile Detention House, and the address is: No.5, Cheng Deh Hsin Tsuen, Yanchao, Kaohsiung County), and also has a subsidiary organization of Taiwan Kaohsiung Yanchao Prison. Taiwan Kaohsiung Juvenile Detention House and Taiwan Kaohsiung Drug Abuser Treatment Center work and perform official business together.      In the future, the center will focus on professional medical technique, such as “Harm Reduction Program” and “Replacement Therapy,” and anticipate that they can assist drug addicts to be free from drugs.     Republic of China 100 years January 1 Ministry of Justice established the Department of Correction, with the restructuring of the " Kaohsiung Drug Abuser Treatment Center, Agency of Corrections, .Ministry of Justice."     With the Drug Control Act, section 27 paragraphs 1, 3 additional items attached to physical therapy rehabilitation program at the premises from the provisions of this by the 100 years since the Republic began on October 1, adult asylum observed rehab people.


Social Worker Zone

Social Worker Area

     Services provided by social works      Reasons which cause drug abuse problem are various and complicated; a drug addict’s growth background or living environment may be the most important element of he or she unable to quit drugs. Thus, through professional working methods, social workers can understand inmates’ backgrounds, families and living environment, then help inmates with their problems. Services which are provided by social workers are as ...

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